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Business Application Solution

Create Value Continuously

Full-scenario application solutions, continue to create higher value

Excellent Service Life
High Reliability
Extensive Market Application
All weather Background Monitoring

Excellent Service Life

Highly competitive quality assurance ability to create continuous returns for customers.


High Reliability

Multiple iterations from materials to components and systems to rigorous evaluation to create reliable quality.


Extensive Market Application

The rich scene application experience spanning from cold to heat, from mountains to rivers ensures that customers can use it at ease.


All weather Background Monitoring

Multi-channel intelligent monitoring to escort the product operation.

Power solutions for commercial vehicles

EVE provides safe, reliable and convenient battery product solutions for logistics and passenger transport vehicles, and successfully develops special logistics vehicles, commercial vehicles and heavy truck platform products. The series products cover all models in the market and meet the use needs of various working conditions in the market.


Super long warranty

Super long warranty.

Ultra fast charging

Support full charging at 1H.

Cold environment

Normal use at all weather.

Safety assurance

The battery will not catch fire or explode.

Remote monitoring

Provide real-time status monitoring under operating conditions.

Engineering power solutions

According to the special working conditions of aerial work vehicles, garden tools and airport service vehicles, EVE provides safe, reliable and convenient Lithium battery product solutions for construction machinery, and has successfully developed shear/arm aerial work vehicles, garden lawn mowers, forklifts, airport tractors, excavators and other series of products. Series of our products have been batch applied in terminal models of the domestic construction machinery leading enterprises and overseas markets. EVE has become an important participant in the electric transformation of construction machinery


Super Long Warranty

lifetime is full beyondthe lead-acid battery, provide super long warranty.

Long Life Battery

Superlong life battery.

Fast Charging

Support fast charging.

Severe Cold Environment

Normal use at all weather.

Safety Guarantee

Provide double protection of fuse and relay to ensure the safe use of battery.

Remote Monitoring

Provides real-time status monitoring under operating conditions.

Vessel Solutions

EVE provides safe, reliable and environmentally-friendly customized solutions for the electrification of ships with practical actions to help the construction of green waters and green mountains. The company's products from single cells, battery modules, battery packs to battery management systems have passed the China Classification Society (CCS) type certification. The company's products cover all ship types on the market, and conduct in-depth research based on the safety of marine products to escort the development of new energy ships.


Long Life

Super long cycle life.

Severe Environment

All weather, all working conditions, normal use.

Safety Guarantee

no fire, no explosion, passive safety single package thermal runaway protection.

Customized Service

Customized capacity and voltage according to operational requirements

Quick Installation

Simple and safe plug-and-play connection, flexible installation

Anti-interference Shielding

Enhanced EMI immunity design, suitable for marine environment

*Above data comes from EVE's laboratory. Product performance may differ in different products, please contact us for details.


EVE provides you with a comprehensive solution for lithium batteries.

Commercial vehicle
Engineering power