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Consumer electronic battery solutions.

Empowering a new life of wisdom

Electronic Atomizer battery solutions.

EVE electronic atomizer battery serves the world top five tobacco companies and vaping brands. Adhering to the ‘food-grade safety’ design concept, EVE electronic atomizer battery reaches the combination of high energy density, long cycle life and high safety. Vaping technology, a better life.


Comprehensive solutions

Available for prismatic pouch cell, cylindrical pouch cell and hard can cylindrical cell.

Multi-chemistry options

Customized available for LCO, NCM and LFP.


Over 1000Mpcs electronic atomizer batteries have been provided to the world.

Outstanding performance

Various options available from 4.20V to 4.40V, including fast charge (3-10C), high rate discharge (up to 30C), high energy density and long cycle life.

Consumer electronic battery solutions.

EVE’s consumer electronics battery serves the first line consumer brand worldwide in numerous applications, including smart wearables device, smart speaker, portable printer, touch pen, tablet PC, etc.. High energy density product solves your anxiety of power off. 


Comprehensive solutions

Prismatic pouch cell, cylindrical pouch cell, hard can cylindrical cell.

11 yrs+

Serving the market with safe and reliable product for more than 11 years.

Outstanding performance

Various options available from 4.20V to 4.45V, including fast charge (1-5C), high energy density and long cycle life.

Battery solution for TWS headsets.

EVE’s TWS headset battery serves the world's first-tier headset brands, with long battery duration, helping you to listen freely.


1 minute charging, 1 hour music

Advanced fast charging technology allows you to enjoy a new listening experience.

Full supporting solutions

Bean Cell for TWS headset and pouch cell for TWS headset charging box, including high energy density type and fast charging type.

107+ patents

Comprehensive patent layout, having a total of 107 patents including the ones under application.

Small size

8mm waist, 4mm height, double taps straight insertion fix, more clever and artistic for earphone design.

Longer duration

Small size, large capacity, energy density as high as 480Wh/L.

Longer lifespan

Lower capacity decrease after continuous cycling, longer service life

*Above data comes from EVE's laboratory. Product performance may differ in different products, please contact us for details.


EVE provides you with a comprehensive solution for lithium batteries.

Electronic Atomizer
Consumer electronics
TWS headsets