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Energy Storage

Build an energy storage lithium battery platform to help achieve carbon neutrality.

Clean energy, create a better tomorrow



Full-scene thermal simulation and verification; Using EVE's safe and reliable LFP batteries; Cell/module thermal isolation, improve system safety; System-level safety protection design, thermal runaway detection; Cloud monitoring platform.



Dual auxiliary power supply design, ensuring the safe and reliable operation of the system; Modular ESS integration embedded liquid cooling system, applicable to all scenarios; Multi-source access, multi-function in one System.

Grid ESS

“Intelligent Distributed Energy Storage System” is part of smart grid and it is available to support critical load, improve power quality and increase grid flexibility.


Full Scenarios

Product solutions cover the application of on power generation, power transmission, and user-end applications.

Long Life

Long-cycle energy storage battery, which reduces the system OPEX.

High Safety

From materials, cells, components to systems, focus on the safety during the whole design process, and the products meet the high test standards in the industry.

Telecom ESS

Provide a comprehensive product solution for multiple application scenarios such as telecom base station backup battery pack and data center backup battery pack, which is convenient and economical and noise-free.


Noise-free and Convenient

Provide comprehensive solutions for multiple application scenarios such as telecom base station backup and data center backup.

High Safety and Reliability

Passed TLC, IEC62619, CE, UN38.3 and other certifications

Standardized Product and Models

For many years, it has been used by China Mobile, China Tower and overseas telecom operators.

Household ESS

Provide a long-life residential on- and off-grid system, allowing clean energy to help families to use green energy.


Integrated Charging station Solution

Solve the problem of imbalance between distributed renewable energy power generation and to fact EV charging.

Save Electricity Cost

Improve the stability and utilization of the renewable energy generation, and realize "self generation and consumption " on user-end.

*Above data comes from EVE's laboratory. Product performance may differ in different products, please contact us for details.


EVE provides you with a comprehensive solution for lithium batteries.

Grid ESS
Telecom ESS
Household ESS