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Social Responsibility

Sustainable Development


Labor and human rights

EVE has always implemented the business philosophy of law-abiding operation and is committed to creating a harmonious and inclusive working environment. Resolutely implement the "Labor Law of the People's Republic of China" and other Chinese and overseas laws and regulations, resolutely prohibit the employment and use of child labor. Based on fair, open recruitment and employment principles, job applicants and employees of different genders, nationalities, religions, races and ethnicities will be respected in EVE.


Honesty integrity

EVE upholds to create an efficient, open, fair and just business environment, adheres to righteous operation, abides business ethics, takes high-quality development as the company's sustainable development strategy, and rejects all commercial corruption that affects fair competition in the market.


Responsible management of supply chain

EVE has established "Responsible Mineral Supply Chain Due Diligence Management Policy", we are committed to strengthen communication and cooperation with the industry and stakeholders, continue to improve the responsible mineral supply chain due diligence management capabilities, and have established "Supply Chain Due Diligence Management Complaint System" to deal with the risks of the responsible mineral supply chain and ensure smooth communication with internal and external stakeholders.

Environment, occupational health and safety

The responsibility of enterprise to employees, customers, stakeholders, society and the country is safe production and sustainable operation. We are always committed to put EHS (Environment, Health and Safety) first. EVE has established EHS management system to clarify EHS responsibilities, ensure safe operation, satisfy customer requirements and help to achieve the goal of "carbon peak and carbon neutrality".

Vision of safety
Goals & Missions
Shared Values
Zero injuries, zero fires
Control risk , preventing fire, create values
Guarantee for Business Continuity
Safety Production is the Core Competence of Lithium battery enterprise

Safety culture

Anything for Safety principle

EVE invests money, time and manpower to ensure safety at all costs and implements safety production work, zero tolerance to risk and potential hazards. For major problems, the strategy is to set up a special working group, allocate resources to eliminate risks, ensure the safety and compliance of production work, and build a production site that makes the safety of employees assured, and customers satisfied.

Safety leadership

We established a safety inspection group which leads by senior executives, with zero tolerance for potential safety hazards. To tackle any potential hazard, senior executives are responsible and take the lead to create a safe and comfortable environment for employees and their production activities.

Safety education and culture

EVE aims to develop our own safety culture through different types of activities, such as Safety Education Day, Fire Extinguishing Skill Competition, Fire Extinguisher training have been held for 9 years until 2021, covering all levels of colleagues from the top management to the operators.

Community safety

The company’s fire brigade strives to deter any harm from fires in surrounding communities, such as those caused by forest, liquefied gas cylinders and oil fume pipes, and to build a friendly relationship for sustainable development in the community.

GREEN Manufacturing PLANT

EVE adheres to the sustainable development concept of “obeying the law, continuous improvement, prevent and control pollution, energy conservation and emissions reduction and to provide green products with better energy utilization efficiency”. EVE is pursuing to practice green park concept of sustainable development, constant innovation from the aspect of management and technology for energy saving and practice and to create green and low-carbon zone

Staff Care

Enthusiastic recruitment, dedicated training, dedicated attention and bold promotion

EVEer's style: innovation and insist on innovation, do the best and insist on doing the best.

Relying on talents to drive innovation, EVE always achieves market competitiveness through innovation, pays attention to cultural construction, creates a harmonious and enterprising atmosphere, and creates a platform for the common development of individuals and the company to make work meaningful, contribute to the country, valuable to customers, and helpful to employees. This is the mission of EVE.